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A new era of the party's political construction must unremittingly

Shao Hua Yang

In December 2018 06, 08:10 source: Guangming Daily

Original title: the new era of party politics construction must unremittingly

The nineteen Party's report clearly put forward the party's political construction of this important proposition, and the party's political construction into the overall layout of the construction of the party, pointed out that the party's political construction in the first place "in the party's political construction as a guide." Xi Jinping General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau of the sixth collective study stressed that the quasi political direction, adhere to the party's political leadership, to consolidate the political foundation of political ecology, conservation, prevention of political risk, maintain political qualities, improve political ability, our party will continue to grow and develop, from victory to victory provides an important guarantee. This important exposition, the deepening of the party's political construction, pointed out to promote the party's political construction of scientific methodology, we should seriously study and deeply understand and conscientiously.

The party's political construction is the fundamental construction of the party

The political construction is the inherent requirement of Party construction. The party's political construction is the fundamental building of the party, is the scientific summary of our party's fine tradition and valuable experience, also has a distinct problem oriented and practical. "The problem of cadres in politics, the party's harm as much as the problem of corruption, some even more serious than the problem of corruption." "Political issues, all the time is a big problem fundamentally. Comprehensive strictly, must pay attention to the political requirements." Political construction is the construction of the party's roots and soul, direction and effect of the construction of the party's decision. The political construction is the fundamental building of the party is a unified theory of logic, historical logic and practical logic.

Of the party since eighteen, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core in the comprehensive practice strictly, deepen the understanding of the party's political construction, constantly enhance the consciousness and firmness of party politics construction. The whole Party resolutely safeguard the core position of the general secretary Xi Jinping, resolutely safeguard the authority of the Party Central Committee and the centralized and unified leadership, with Xi Jinping China features a new era of socialist ideological mind; firm political beliefs, strict political discipline and political rules; to strengthen and standardize the new situation of the Party's political life; is the wind Su Ji, corruption crime, the party in the revolutionary forging stronger, provide a strong political guarantee for the development of the party and state.

But we should also clearly see that the party has about 89000000 members, about 4500000 grassroots organizations of the world's largest political party, the ruling party facing the environment is complex and the influence of the party's advanced nature and purity of the party's weakening factors is complex, the party still has some leading cadres have yet to build "four a sense of" four confidence ", in violation of political discipline and political rules, the party not loyalty problems still exist. These phenomena and the political consciousness, political and other factors directly related to quality but hard. Therefore, to strengthen the political construction of the Party member, must unremittingly. In the new era, we should comprehensively implement the spirit of the socialist party nineteenth thought and China characteristics of the Xi Jinping new era, a new era of the party to guide the construction of the party's political construction, improve the party's construction quality, ensure that the leading cadres at all levels of political quality and ability, and is responsible for the people and the party's political empowerment responsibility.

The new era to promote the party's political construction of scientific methodology

The quasi political direction. History and reality show that the political direction of the party has always been the survival and development of the first, the party's destiny and the success or failure of the cause. We should adhere to the political direction, is the lofty ideal of communism and socialism common ideal China, "two one hundred year" goal, is the party's basic theory, basic line, basic strategy. To strengthen the party's political construction, is to play the role of political compass, to guide the party ideals and beliefs, strengthen the socialist road China characteristic confidence theory confidence, institutional self-confidence, cultural self-confidence, wisdom and strength to unite the whole development of the great cause of socialism China adhere to and to the new era; to promote the party to adhere to the correct political to implement the practice of planning a major strategic direction, the development of major policies, the deployment of major tasks, major work to promote, often on benchmarking, timely calibration bias, resolutely correct deviation and against the political direction of the party's behavior, to ensure that the party and national undertakings along the correct political direction; it is to the construction of the party organizations at all levels to become adhere to the correct political direction of the strong fortress, the education of the party members and cadres unswervingly along the correct political orientation in the.

Adhere to the party's political leadership. The party is the highest political leadership. Government, the four corners of the world, is the leadership of the party. Adhere to the Party leadership on all the work, to improve the institutional mechanisms to adhere to the leadership of the party, insist on maintaining stability in the general work guideline, promote the overall development of "five in one overall layout, to promote the coordination of" a comprehensive strategic layout, improve the party direction, overall plan, policy, promote the reform of the power and force, to ensure that the party will always dominate overall, coordinate. To establish and improve the leadership of the party to uphold and strengthen the overall organizational system, working mechanism, and the leadership of the party to implement the various aspects of various aspects in the field of reform development and stability, domestic and foreign affairs and national defense and in running the party, state and army. Leading cadres must strengthen the "Four Consciousness", and resolutely do "two maintenance", and take practical action to maintain a final authority, the Party Central committee.

To consolidate the political foundation. The masses are solid and the ruling foundation of the party, the position of the people is the fundamental political position of the Communist Party of China. To strengthen the party's political base, will stand the position of the people, adhere to the people are the creators of history, the people is the source of strength of our party, is the fundamental force to decide the destiny of the party and state the viewpoint of historical materialism, always the hearts of the people in the highest position, adhere to the people-centered development thought, the the people are satisfied, the people are happy, people agree with us as all the work of the inspection standard. To strengthen the party's political construction, closely linked to the people the biggest political, to win the hearts of public opinion, pooling the wisdom of the people the people as an important focal point, respect people's pioneering spirit, relying on the masses of the people to create albert. To realize the people's yearning for a better life as our party's goal, majestic strength from the concentric build China dream. To educate and encourage the majority of Party members and cadres to forge ahead, be enthusiastic and press on, concentrate and mind in steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people's livelihood, anti risk, to break the problem, overcome the difficulties, efforts to solve the people most concerned about the most direct and practical interests. The lifeline to implement the party's mass line of the party and the basic line of work, has always been with the people want to be together, do together, firmly opposed to "wind", has always maintained close ties with the masses.

Conservation of political ecology. Political ecology and natural ecology, must be long-term purification and construction. Create a favorable political environment is a long-term task, must be the basis of the party, the political construction of regular work, build its source, the Han Lin, Yang Qi, solid fundamental, perseverance, long time into work. To establish the correct selection and employment oriented as an important focal point, adhere to have both ability and political integrity, to Germany first, merit, always put the political criteria in the first place. To strengthen the in-depth investigation on cadres of political loyalty, political force, political play, political ability, political discipline, promoted to firmly establish the "4 consciousness" "4 confidence", and resolutely safeguard the core position of the core, the Party General Secretary Xi Jinping of the CPC Central Committee and resolutely safeguard the authority of the Party Central Committee and the centralized and unified leadership, comprehensive implementation the party's theory and policy, loyalty clean play cadres of the political cadres of the "one vote veto failed". To implement the several rules for the political life of the party under the new situation, from the implementation of the third class, the basic system of democratic life, to ensure that the requirements of the party organization to implement the system, strengthen Inner-Party Political Life and the times, principle, combat, consciously resist the erosion of the principle of commodity exchange life, let the Party cadres in the political life of the party often accept the political examination, enhance political immunity. To make all the activities of party political cultural construction into the party organizations, Party members and cadres into the daily work life, let the Party advocated the ideals and beliefs, values, traditions, Party cadres thought and soul. To promote the socialist core values, promote and practice the honest, fair and honest, pragmatic, honest and Communist values, with a good political culture political ecology delicate gas is.

Political risk prevention. Enhance the sense of urgency, focus on risk prevention, is an important experience of our party has drawn from the history and the. Of the party since eighteen, general secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed the need to enhance the sense of urgency, and points out, enhance the sense of risk prevention challenges to One principle runs through it all. China socialism into a new era, standing at a new historical starting point, China's development is facing a major historical opportunity, but also face many risks and challenges. There are also external risks and internal risk; general risk, there are significant risks. If these risk factors can not be effectively controlled, could turn into political risk. All Party members especially leading cadres at all levels must strengthen the risk of pre stress and the control force, improve the party's ability to guard against political risk. To educate and guide the cadres at all levels to enhance political acumen and political discernment, timely elimination of all kinds of political risks. Always keep a clear mind, fully do the prevention and elimination of all kinds of major risks to carry forward the spirit of struggle, struggle to improve the ability to consciously adhere to the leadership of the party and the socialist system of our country, resolutely oppose all weaken and distort and deny the Party leadership and the socialist system of our country and more consciously; get ready to fight against all kinds of risks, all the hardships and dangers, continue to win new victories in the great struggle towards our party to establish the great goal.

Maintain the political color. Be firm ideals and beliefs, always serve the people, adhere to the pragmatic and enterprising, hard struggle. Maintain the political color, the Communists are relentless pursuit of life. As the official first person, the first virtue in politics. To the Dade, firm ideals and beliefs, temper strong party spirit, in front of a clear-cut storm test on major issues issues of right and wrong, fearless in the face of temptation in front, stand firm; to keep morality, strengthen the sense of purpose, adhere to the party for the public and the idea of governing for the people, adhere to the people's yearning for a better life is our goal; to strict private morality and strictly bound by their own conduct and behavior, and to give people the power to benefit the people, to do with the right to clean, honest and self disciplined, honest family model. Must be on the road of the firm and persistent forever, and resolutely put a positive wind Su Ji, anti-corruption struggle in the end, tie the fence system, promote the comprehensive inspection to play the role of the sword, strictly extends to the grassroots, so that the people really feel the cadres honest, clean government, political qingming. Zentek to promote political winds, show the Communist political qualities in action.

Improve the political ability. The political ability is to grasp the direction, grasp the trend, the ability to grasp the overall situation, is to identify the political ability to maintain political concentration and control, non political situation, political risk prevention. All abilities should possess in the leading cadres, political ability is the first one, plays a leading role, tube. Leading cadres should through hard learning, long-term experience, repeated temper, his political ability match as leadership responsibilities, and adapt to the requirements of the party and national development of the new era, effectively assume political responsibility, fulfill their duties. To strengthen the political skills, good at problem analysis, from the political problems, and enhance political acumen and political discernment, in particular to a pair of political insight, farsighted, dare sword, dare to struggle, to eliminate all kinds of political risks. To strengthen the political experience, accumulated political experience, in the melting pot thoroughly tempered in the political life of the party, continue to temper the party spirit, forging himself in serious criticism and self criticism. In the hot rank repeatedly Cuilian, adhere to problem oriented, strengthen the bottom line of thinking, to do the risk prevention work, increasing political wisdom, enhance practical ability, and constantly improve the political consciousness and political ability. To strengthen the sense of responsibility, adhere to the first principles of the party, the party's cause first, the people's interests first, in practice, to solve problems and dry at the forefront, dare to face daunting task responsibility, the burden, DaTouZhen, bite bones, involving rapids, with action interpretation of loyalty and faith by highlighting the play.

(author: Yang Shaohua, Department of Qiushi magazine political editor, deputy director of the Department of)

(Xie Lei Lin, commissioning editor: any)
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