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Thinking freely: dare to walk the road that others have not gone through.

Sun Lai bin

06 December 2018, 07:57 source: People's Daily - People's daily

When Comrade Xi Jinping visited Shenzhen recently, "the Pearl River - Guangdong reform and opening up 40th Anniversary Exhibition", it was pointed out that after the eighteen Party's inspection, the first stop was Shenzhen. When the reform and opening up 40th anniversary came here, it was to declare to the world that China's reform was going on and on, and that China would have a new miracle even more impressive. This shows to the world the confidence and determination to reform and open up again. At the new historical starting point, we must carry forward the reform and opening up to the end. We must carry forward the spirit of reform that is bold enough to try and dare to be the first, and dare to take the road that others have not gone through.

Historical experience shows that we can not move other people's way, nor can we move in. Only by starting from the national conditions, daring to open up, and daring to walk the road that others have never gone through, can we harvest other scenery. In daily life, people often like to take the road of ready-made, because this is more convenient. But for reform, the situation is quite different. Reform means innovation and transcendence. We must break the path dependence and not take the unusual path. At present, we are experiencing the most extensive and profound social changes in our history, and are carrying out the most magnificent and unique practical innovation in human history. In order to carry out such social changes and practical innovations, we should not copy the experience of other countries and take the road of other countries.

Lu Xun said that in fact, there was no road on the ground. Without a ready Road, we must open up mountains and open roads, bridge the bridges and strive for our own way. At the beginning of the founding of new China, our Party led the people to choose the socialist road under the condition of relatively backward economy and culture, which is a pioneering exploration. For the pioneering exploration, Lenin has likened it to climbing a mountain without investigation and human life. It is "ready to endure thousands of difficulties, ready to make thousands of attempts, and after making one thousand attempts, we are going to make one thousand and one attempts." China's socialist modernization drive in the course of reform and opening up is also a pioneering exploration. We can neither find ready-made textbooks nor have ready road to follow. It is in the practice of reform and opening up to seek truth and explore the rules. Our party has led the people to create a miracle of economic development which has rarely appeared in the world, so that the lives of nearly 1 billion 400 million people are becoming more and more happy.

Taking the road that others have not traveled is inseparable from the spirit of innovation. Innovation is the distinct spiritual character of the Chinese nation. The Chinese nation can grow and thrive without any frustrations. It relies on the spirit of innovation and innovation. Under the guidance and promotion of the spirit of innovation, the Chinese nation has created highly developed civilization and contributed countless technological innovations to the world. It is precisely to inherit and carry forward the spirit of innovation. In the past 40 years since reform and opening up, Chinese society has achieved great emancipation of mind, great change in ideas, and great improvement in spirit.

Dare to walk the road that others have not gone through, must not mistake and bump into bumping into bumping into collision, must insist on scientific method. Looking back at the road and comparing the road of others, we can better open up the way forward. History and reality show that to advance reform, we must be bold in innovation and active and prudent. We should not only strengthen top-level design, but also encourage grass-roots exploration. For a moment of uncertainty, the practice of exploring and following the pilot project is an important experience our party has gained in the practice of reform and opening up. For example, the establishment of special economic zones is an important way to promote reform and opening up in China. The pilot test is an important duty of the special economic zone. The purpose is to open up the way for the reform and opening up.

Of course, there are many methods of reform that are formed in the process of reform and opening up, which can also be summarized from different aspects, but the fundamental one is to unify the dialectical unity of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, giving full play to the dialectical unity of subjective initiative and respect for objective laws. At present, the reform has reached a new historical juncture. The complexity, sensitivity and arduous degree of reform are no less than 40 years ago. Since reform and opening up, we must not follow the beaten track, shrink back, or dream in the empty voice. We must emancipate our minds under the premise of respecting the law, and walk out of the road that other people have not gone through in the new era.

People's daily (06 December 2018, 07 Edition)

(Editor: any Lin, Xie Lei)
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