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"Marx" the second season "reliable immediately learning" fifth sets

In November 2018 08, from 22:00: - channel theory

In October 8th, by the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee Propaganda Department, Xi Jinping China Academy of Social Sciences in new era Chinese socialist thought research center, Inner Mongolia radio and television, jointly planned production of "Marx" the second season "reliable immediately learn" in Inner Mongolia satellite TV, broadcast.

"Learning" is immediately 10 set, each set of 45 minutes, from "mission" to "the beginning of the heart and to the people as the center", "the reform carried out in the end", "people's democracy" to "strengthen cultural self-confidence," "create a better life", "beautiful", "China human fate", "self revolution", "learning method" to the final; starting from the great thought of Marx and the daily stories around the socialist ideology China characteristics of Xi Jinping new era, Marx's story to the essence of the times Chinese series, together with a review of Marx's noble spirit and brilliant ideas and we study together China characteristics of Xi Jinping thought of this new era of socialist a 21 century Marx doctrine, the Marx doctrine of the essence of contemporary China.

In May 5, 2016, Marx's 198th anniversary, the first file reading program "rational" theory in "Marx book" in the name of the first reliable debut in front of the audience, thus China, modernization and popularization has opened a new perspective for the media publicity of the Marx doctrine. More than two years, has become a "rational" book to carry out a major propaganda theme, learning important position to implement the spirit of nineteen party socialist ideas and characteristics of the new era of Xi Jinping Chinese.

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(commissioning editor Wan Peng and Cao Kun)
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