Basically follow the new era of rural grassroots party organizations work

In the new era of ideological aspect: toward the dreams

Look at the stars of human civilization for thousands of years, Chinese civilization is unique, dazzling light. The long history of the Chinese nation, is one of the greatest nation in the world. Towering mountains, rivers, in this aspect in the vast fertile soil on Chinese growth, the rise of successive generations, has created a brilliant culture.

And practice the new era of the party's organizational line

Solid practice new era of the party's organizational line, we must adhere to the party's political construction in the first place, to fully implement the new era of socialist thought of Xi Jinping Chinese; to build a strong Party organization system, promote the overall progress of the grass-roots party organizations, comprehensive perfect; accurate scientific personnel, high-quality cadres loyal clean play.

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The new era of socialist thought of Xi Jinping China
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Ten why nineteen Report

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    Chen Li: precise poverty is to build a well-off society the most decisive battle of the general secretary on poverty alleviation and discussion is very important to promote poverty alleviation work has very important guiding significance, is fundamental to follow. Of the party since eighteen, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core attaches great importance to poverty alleviation, the poverty alleviation in governing a prominent position, put forward a series of new ideas very important new ideas, a series of important theoretical and practical innovation, with unprecedented efforts to promote poverty alleviation work and decisive progress of historic achievements.
    Zhou Wenzhang Xi Jinping: the new era of Ideological and theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and adhere to the new era of what kind of development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and how to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics. Around such a major problem, our party with a new vision, deepen the understanding of the ruling law of the Communist Party, the understanding of the laws of socialist construction, to understand the law of development of human society, and has carried on the exploration and hard theory has made great theoretical result, forming a new era of socialist ideology and the characteristics of Xi Jinping Chinese. So, the thought of Xi Jinping China new era of socialism, is our party to answer the major issues in the era of ideological crystallization.
    Han Qingxiang: a comprehensive understanding of the "eight clear" to internalize in the line of the party's nineteen report stressed that the party must deeply understand the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, ideological essence and rich connotation, in the work of comprehensive and accurate implementation. NPC and CPPCC, delegates have said that to truly understand thoroughly do Xi Jinping new era China socialist thought, we must make the "eight clear" "Fourteen principles" internalized in the heart, outside of the line, "go dry, immediately do, to achieve a unity of knowledge. This need to truly recognize, recognition and serious.

    Yan Xiaofeng: answers to major topic of the times and scientific theoretical system of new era to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics practice foundation. The great era calls for a great theory, the great era gave birth to great theory, the great practice of Chinese socialist new era, is the creation of Xi Jinping in the new era Chinese practice foundation of socialism with Chinese characteristics. To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in modern times is the greatest dream, at present, than at any time in history we are closer to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, are more confident than at any time in history, more able to achieve this goal. To realize the great dream, must be a great struggle, the great engineering construction, promote the great cause.
    Xin Ming: the construction of a new era of strategic philosophy of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the realization of socialist modernization is becoming increasingly prominent as the strongest voice of the times, the new era of building a natural strategy should be carried out around it. The party's nineteen years, our party has explicitly to adhere to socialism, and development Chinese characteristics fully completed socialist modernization and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's dream Chinese strategic goal as proposed, and around the strategic goal of the overall advancement of the "five in one overall layout, to promote the coordination of" four comprehensive "strategic layout, make" two step "strategy, which is a deep insight into the consciousness and the theme of the era of adaptation.
    Han Zhenfeng Xi Jinping: the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, thought the inner logic of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Xi Jinping thought is a distinctive theme, rich content, profound thoughts, profound and complete system of scientific theory. From the overall content structure, a new era of Xi Jinping thought system of the socialist China characteristics from "eight clear" and the fourteen basic strategy of two parts, these two parts have different emphases and mutual unity, together constitute a complete system of thought of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism Chinese. So, what is the logic relationship between the content of the two part? Both what constitutes a different and interrelated unity?

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    The theory of large program "new age learning conference"

         "Socialism" a little "tide" the second season "new era" conference to promote the localization of learning Xi Jinping new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and ideas of "every day" and "new day" every day "deep" theory of large programs. The program in Hunan TV station, Hunan education television, broadcast.

    First set: new ideas come from
    Episode second: new ideas in which
    Episode third: what new changes bring new ideas
    Fourth sets of new ideas: tell us what to do
    Episode fifth: the new idea of where we go

    "Marx" the second season "reliable immediately learning"

         10 September 8, by the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee Propaganda Department, Xi Jinping Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in new era China socialist thought research center, Inner Mongolia radio and television, jointly planned production of "Marx" reliable "Season 2 Learning" in Inner Mongolia satellite TV immediately, broadcast.
    The first episode: "mission" and the beginning of the heart
    Episode second: "people centered"


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